November 2007
New York to Detroit to Shanghai, China
Business Class

Seating: On this flight, the Business Class seating were divided between the first part of the lower cabin, and an upper cabin. I chose to sit on the upper cabin. This had it's advantages and disadvantages. It was very quiet in the upper cabin and there were very few other passengers there; the seat next to mine was empty. The main disadvantage was that when disembarking, you didn't get to leave first as with the lower cabin; by the time you came down to the lower cabin, most of the economy class people were pushing and shoving already.

Food & Drink: Being in Business Class, meals were a luxury. The flight attendants would supply a tablecloth (yes, a TABLECLOTH for your folding table) and serve food on real plates with real silverware. The meals included things like steak and seafood and each was pretty good. There was also top shelf liquor offered after each meal. Snacks included sandwiches and cup o' noodles and even ice cream.

Attendants: Were friendly and very helpful.

Check-in: Was a breeze but of course, this was Business Class. I was given a pass into the lounge, which had pastries and drinks, along with ports for your laptop and TV's to watch.

Flight Time: We flew relatively on-time, considering that we had one layover in Detroit (Northwest's hub)

Amenities: We were given slippers, and a small amenities bag which included chapstick, a pen, eye-mask and ear plugs all in a small Northwest pouch.

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